CFM Quality

CFM foundry is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. Quality control checks throughout the production process assure customers that every casting will meet their specifications. Everything is tested, from the grain size of the sand to the chemistry and physical properties of the iron.

Only pig iron and scrap metal of known quality and chemistry is used in the production of CFM Gray and Ductile Iron castings. All alloys are weighed and added in the furnace, treating ladle, or pouring ladle. Silicon and carbon tests calculate the carbon equivalent in the iron at the point of pour, after the iron is poured, further quality assurance checks are made on both the chemistry and physical properties of the iron. All the iron chemical results are monitored closely on the melt & pouring floor with an Electro-Nite DataCast 3000. These are then confirmed with a Shimadzo OES-5500II Optical Emission Spectrometer to check the chemistry of the iron. During the pouring stage test bars are poured for physical & micro analysis.

About 30% of all the castings poured at CFM are machined at CFM. Which gives us a very good idea of the quality that our customers are getting as well.

After the castings are poured they are allowed to anneal in the sand mold until the castings have completely solidified. A Brinell hardness tester is used to measure the iron's hardness, and a pull tensile test measures the tensile strength of the iron. All castings are shot blasted to remove sand and scale, then hand ground clean to customer specifications. A visual quality inspection of every gray iron and ductile iron casting is also made prior to the casting being shipped.

It is only through these painstaking steps that we can maintain the exceptional level of casting quality our customers require.