Foundry Capabilities

CFM Corporation, a gray and ductile iron foundry, pours a wide variety of castings. Castings include roller mill housings, extruder housings, rotary airlocks, large cylinders and pistons, heads for engines and compressors, as well as air pump housings and rotors. Our foundry is able to pour castings one at a time or in large quantities.

CFM specializes in 3 to 1,800LB castings. Casting quantities can vary from 2 - 1000 parts depending on the size of the casting. CFM uses a high quality no bake cope & drag process that gives castings close dimensional tolerances. We have 2 moldings designed to run cope & drag, 36" x 36" x 6", 60" x 60" x 30", and 32" x 32" x 50". The two molding lines combined can produce up to 150 molds per day.

Gray Iron

Gray iron castings range in casting weight from ounces to 1,800 pounds. Class 30, 40, & 42 gray iron is poured regularly. Specifically, we pour ASTM A48/CL30, CL40, & CL42 gray iron.

Ductile Iron

We pour 80-55-06 and 65-45-12 ductile iron castings with casting weights as high as 1500 pounds. 

Specifically, we pour ductile (nodular) ASTM A536/65-45-12 & A536/80-55-06. We pour all of our ductile iron from our 2000lb Inductotherm 750kW coreless electric furnace with a 1000lb Inductotherm coreless furnace as backup.

Core Capabilities

All of our cores are hand made from reclaim, new silica, & kyasil sand. Cores weigh anywhere from a few ounces to hundreds of pounds. All of our cores are produced in a no bake binder.

Heat Treating

CFM will arrange to have your castings heat treated to your specifications. These services are outsourced to multiple firms that have very good quality. From the heat treating facility the castings will be shipped directly to your location of choice.

CFM has 60,000 square feet of facilities on 20 acres in a modern, up-to-date plant with dust control system, sand reclamation, and in-house test lab.

Gray Iron Casting Capabilities Ductile Iron Capabilities
Up to 1,800 lbs Up to 1,500 lbs.
Class 30, 40, and 42 gray iron 80-55-06 and 65-45-12