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History of CFM Corporation

In 1975, Kice Industries built a Gray and Ductile Iron foundry in Blackwell, Oklahoma to provide the high quality Gray and Ductile iron castings needed to satisfy the strict requirements of Kice Industries. Known as CFM (Casting, Fabricating and Machining), the foundry operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of Kice Industries Inc. In addition to providing all the quality gray and ductile iron castings for Kice, the foundry also services a growing number of outside customers. CFM's reputation for quality craftsmanship and doing the tough jobs well has won them a respected place in the foundry industry.

Seventy-five percent of the foundry's innovative equipment was designed and built by Kice Industries. These systems include the advanced pollution control system, sand mixer, reclaim and conveying systems. It also includes an air-to-air heat exchanger which is used to cool exhaust gases and preheat combustion air. The sharing of knowledge between the two Kice divisions has been a unique demonstration in crossover technology.

CFM is fortunate to have people with an unusual sense of quality, and appreciation for getting a job done right. Our employees are experienced foundry personnel. The combined average of time in service of our employees is twelve years. One third of our people have been with CFM more than twenty years. It is our people that make CFM quality a reality, and customer satisfaction a priority.

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