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Midwest Gray Iron & Ductile Iron Foundry

CFM Corporation is a gray iron and ductile iron foundry specializing in custom iron castings. CFM pours a wide variety of castings including roller mill housings, extruder housings, rotary airlocks, large cylinders and pistons, heads for engines and compressors as well as air pump housings and rotors. The CFM Corporation gray iron and ductile iron foundry and home office are conveniently located in the Midwest in Blackwell, Oklahoma.

CFM is an acronym for Castings, Fabrication, and Machining.
Contact CFM Corporation for custom iron castings, low-run iron castings and job-shop iron castings. The foundry has gray iron casting capabilities up to 2,000 pounds with class 30, 40 and 42 gray iron. Ductile iron casting capabilities go up to 1,500 pounds using 80-55-06 and 65-45-12 ductile iron.

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